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Attractions around us

רייזר בר


A challenging and energizing driving experience with RZR. Suitable for couples and families, children above the age of 5. A driver’s license is necessary.

*Each participant will get an extreme video of the experience.

רועי רימון טיולי ג'יפים

Roie Rimon - Jeep tour

A jeep journey, day or night along special and magical spots around the area.

Suitable for everyone – schedule in advance.

קטיף פירות בבוסתן בראשית

Berry picking in the Golan Heights

Cherry and berry picking in kibbutz Ein Zivan “Bereshit”. A fun experience for everyone!

Tickets are available at Vitrage lobby

For more information about hikes in the Golan Heights, contact us.

שוקולד שולמן

Shulman chocolate museum

This chocolate museum looks nothing like other museums you know and it feels like a ferry tail. It is a place of a lot of handmade chocolate made with love.

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday 10:00am-6:00pm

Friday 9:00am-3:00pm

Saturday 10:am-5:00pm

אינדי פארק

Indi Park

Indian canoeing in the Jordan River together with other crafts and activities for your family.

Opening hours:


צוק מנרה

Menara cliff

Extreme experience on the cliff of kibbutz Menara. The longest cable car in the country stops on 3 terminals along the cliff for different activities.

קייקי הגושרים

Kayaking-Maayan Hagoshrim

A family kayak along the Chatbani and the Jordan River. For children above the age of five.

5 min drive from Vitrage.

יקב 3 גפנים

Three vines winery

Three vines winery in Ramot Naftali is a magical family winery with a charm and the view of the Galilei. In this winery, you will enjoy 12 tipes of wine tasting and sides. In addition, you will hear the story of the wine from Yossi the wine maker.

Special experience-Cheers!

גלריה נורית

Nurit gallery

Nurit gallery

Nurit Biderman, 5th generation in Israel and the daughter of Yesod Hamaala settlers. In the gallery you will find different kinds of paintings.

Address – Hapardesim, Yesod Hamaala

Villa Vitrage